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Spreadsheetnogi: Talent Calculator


I’ve updated my Talent calculator for Ninja.

For those curious, it takes 1,663 AP to rank all skills in the talent, and a minimum of 1,567 AP to get to Master.

Input your current skill ranks and your skill rank goals and the calculator will show the talent level and how much AP it will take to get there.

To use the calculator, you need to make a copy to your own Google Drive (recommended) or download and open in a spreadsheet program such as the free LibreOffice.  Then go to the Talent you’re interested in and fill out the yellow cells.

To copy/download:
    Select the file
    Click “OPEN” in lower right corner
    Go to File menu, and select “Make a copy” (must be signed in to Google) or “Download as”

The skills in blue text are skills in more than one talent. To see the full talent experience chart, unhide columns H through W.

Data came from Mabinogi World Wiki and Mabination.

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